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Garda Commissioner May Have To Resign

By October 5, 2016No Comments

We have a further serious situation with regard to the treatment of the so called Garda whistle blowers today and allegations that one of those whistle blowers was the victim of character assassination which was organised with the blessing and knowledge of senior members of the force. There are also indications that a high level Garda officer has admitted his part which raises serious additional questions. At the time of the resignation of the last Garda Commissioner Callinan, I proposed that the new Commissioner be appointed from outside the country to give the force a chance to deal with the problems that it was facing.

I will await the outcome of the enquiry that the Government have undertaken to hold into these latest allegations but if there is even the slightest doubt about the role of the current Commissioner or if it is found that she knew anything about these latest allegations then she will have to resign and in that eventuality I will once again be calling on the Government to appoint an outside Commissioner to succeed her. Maybe they might listen to me on this occasion.