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Galway DVO Office Under Threat Of Downgrading

By January 20, 2016No Comments

It has come to my attention that there are e-mails circulating to staff in the Galway DVO that they are being re-allocated to other departments. It now appears that Galway DVO is being scaled down however I note that there is no such rationalisation taking place in Mayo or Cork where the Taoiseach and the Minister and for Agriculture live yet every other county is being affected by these cutbacks. It’s more of the cronyism that we have been highlighting on an ongoing basis in political circles. I have put in a question to the Minister on this issue this week.Galway is the second biggest county in Ireland and if Cork can hold on to it’s full DVO office I am sure that with the numbers of small farmers and the number of herd numbers in the county that the Galway DVO office should have been left intact. I will be highlighting this issue this week and I will be standing with the staff at Galway DVO whatever they decide to do, I know that some of the business has been re-allocated to Athenry and that will pose problems for many farmers, especially those in Connemara. I have seen the problems that have arisen in Roscommon with things going wrong like forms for sheep going to Cavan and other mix ups but this is another example of cronyism from this Government,