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Fitzpatrick Trial Outcome Shows Up More Public Service Incompetence

The result of the trial of Sean Fitzpatrick has once again shown the incompetence that we have had to tolerate at the top in the public service in this country over many years. Despite the fact that this trial will cost the taxpayer over 20 million Euro no one will be held accoutable which is a disgraceful but not surprising situation.

The judge in the trial ruled that the Office of the Director of Corporate Enforcement did not carry out it’s investigation properly and that he could not continue with the case on that basis. Once again the organs of the state have failed the taxpayer and we will continue on as normal until something else comes to light this week or next week. Despite the serious nature of the judges comments, nothing will happen and no one will be held accountable. Unless that culture in this country changes then these monumental errors and gross incompetence will continue unabated. Is it any wonder that there are many people who are totally disillusioned with the system when day after day, and week after week, this carry on in the public service with total disregard for the public purse and the public interest is tolerated by the Government with no sanction whatsoever for anyone involved. It’s time we woke up and copped ourselves on