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PRESS RELEASE(for immediate release)
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Michael Fitzmaurice TD has welcomed the announcement by Minister For Education and Skills, Jan O’Sullivan TD that the “Minor Works Grant” for primary schools will be paid during the current school year.
Michael Fitzmaurice TD is well aware of the immense pressure schools have been under as they try to stretch their budgets. He has met with local INTO representatives and INTO President, Mr Sean MacMahon recently and in two engagements with Minister O’Sullivan he has emphasised the urgent need for the “Minor Works Grant” to be paid.
Fitzmaurice said “I am delighted that the Minister has seen sense and I thank her for ensuring that this package of €28 million will now be paid. I know that Boards of Management have been worried about their finances as they really cannot be expected remain sustainable without the payment of this grant which makes up such a substantial part of their annual budgets. Schools need to be able to plan for the future so I believe it is about time that the “Minor Works Grant” became part of core funding on an ongoing basis”.
Rates payable for the new fund will be €5,500 per school – with an additional €18.50 per mainstream pupil and €74 per special-needs pupil so that the the size of the grant will be proportional to the size of the individual primary schools.
“This is a good day for our rural schools” said Michael Fitzmaurice TD and it means that Boards of Management, Principals and Teaching Staff will be able to devote more time and energy to teaching our children instead of being sidetracked into organising raffles and cake sales” said Michael Fitzmaurice.
“I will still be pressing the Minister to revisit the enrolment figures in our small rural schools and I will also be advising her that the “Summer Works Grant” also needs to be paid.” said Fitzmaurice.