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Press Release: Fitzmaurice calls on Community Development groups to rally together

By March 12, 2014March 18th, 2014No Comments

Independent candidate for Galway County Council, Michael Fitzmaurice, is encouraging all local community groups to register with the County Forum and to become involved in its work.  “We all want to strengthen the voice of our local communities and by groups playing an active part in the County Forum they have a real conduit to have their voices heard” said Michael.
Mr Fitzmaurice notes that the work of the County Council and the trojan work being done by so many community groups has the same aim in mind and that is the social and economic development of all areas within the county.  Michael says that the County Forum offers a pathway to local groups to become aware of structures and policies being pursued at county level and one of the excellent services provided by the Forum, at the moment, is the dissemination of information by e-mail to affiliated groups.
Mr Fitzmaurice says that it is the experience of many groups who are involved in developing their own areas that progress can best be made by groups having an active partnership with the County Council.  “If  I am elected to the Council I will seek to strengthen the work of the Forum and I will encourage other members to support the work of the Forum by ensuring that it continues to get adequate funding to carry out its work.”
Mr Fitzmaurice says “It is hugely significant that the County Forum will have three representatives on the soon to be established LCDC and this seems to be a tribute to the efforts being made  by the Forum since its establishment in 2000.”
“We are all on the same journey and unity is strength and if we are to make our voices heard we need one collective voice and the County Community Forum could benefit all local development groups that  become involved in it” says Michael.