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Fine Gael Must Come On Board With Penrose Bill

I am disappointed to hear this week suggestions that there may be opposition in Fine Gael to the Bill on Bankruptcy being proposed by Deputy Willie Penrose. I issued a statement on this matter three months ago and my position remains the same now. It is a matter of urgency that any measure that will prevent family homes being repossessed should be put in place. If the bankruptcy situation was reduced to one year it would force the banks and the financial institutions to come to a realistic agreement with many of the people who are in dire financial straits at the moment. With the banks due to proceed with thousands of repossessions around the country over the next year it is very important that this Bill is passed. I would appeal to those in Fine Gael who are opposing this bill to reconsider their position. I would support Deputy Penrose when he says that there are some people in Fine Gael who will have to get real on this issue.