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Fianna Fail Need To Outline Position On Budget Proposals

By September 28, 2016No Comments

Once again over the past few days there has been much speculation about a proposed rise in diesel prices as part of the forthcoming Budget. I have said repeatedly that any such rise would be an attack on people in rural Ireland who have no access to public transport and who need their cars to get to work. It would also be devastating blow for businesses such as the haulage industry which is on it’s knees at the moment. I’d like to remind the Government and Fianna Fail who are PageLines- litir-1.jpgpropping them up, that almost every item we buy in our shops from food to all other goods are delivered by vehicles using diesel. I hardly have to outline the effect any increase in the tax on diesel would have on costs and on inflation

I am calling on Fianna Fail to make a clear statement today as to what their attitude to this proposal is so that the people can be clear where the party stands. There is no point them talking out of both sides of their mouths critisisng these proposals yet propping up the Government that made them.. Either they support the proposals or they don’t. I would also like to hear from Fianna Fail on suggestions that the reduction in USC could amount to as little as 2 Euro per week for middle income earners. This is the sector who have been affected most under the many years of austerity and the proposals we are seeing today are merely a token gesture which will be eaten up by increases in other areas in the Budget