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FG/Labour Running Scared Of Independents

By February 4, 2016No Comments

Recent statements especially from Fine Gael and Labour claiming that a vote for Independent candidates is a wasted vote is misleading and just scare tactics, After decades when the main political parties have failed the electorate time after time, Independent TD’s have shown that they have a huge contribution to make to the Dail. Whether the main parties like it or not Independents are here to stay and some of the most effective TD’s in the current Dail have been Independents.When the election is over and if I am returned by the people I will look at the options with regard to the forming of a Government along with my colleagues in the Independent Alliance if that’s the way the numbers fall. But let the election take place first and I will be standing on my record of service to the people in my short term in the Dail to date and I want to continue that work over the next five years serving the people of Roscommon and East Galway.