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Farmyards Now Included In Flood Mitigation Works

I welcome the new criteria has been issued by the Office of Public Works (OPW) today which will see farmyards included for support under the Minor Flood Mitigation Works. Under the new rules, the figures for calculating the losses on a per hectare basis have been increased from a flat rate of €400 per hectare to a range from €623 to €1,474 hectare depending on where the land is located and related to the losses associated with flooding.
Under the old rules there was no recognition of farmyards under threat or where they were flooded. Farmyards will now be included in the same way as commercial premises at a rate of up to €30,000 where the farmyard is flooded or up to €10,000 where the farmyard is under threat. Local authorities who operate the Minor Works scheme will be using the new criteria from June 1st 2017. I hope that there are no hold ups in the application of this scheme and that red tape is kept to the bare minimum.