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Farmers Warned About New Inspection Regulations

There are farm inspections on the way and it has come to my attention that there are some changes on the way the inspections are carried out and the regulations. For instance up to last year and previously if a farmer had rushes on their land they had to be cut by the end of September, but under the new system the authorities will act on what they see on the day of the inspection. The bad weather has meant that anyone in AEOS could not cut rushes until July the 15th because the ground conditions are not favourable. The Department need to go back to the previous inspection system and because the new system will take further money out of the pockets of farmers. I would say to farmers that if you have rushes on your land to get them cut as soon as possible to avoid the possibility of penalties. I would also advise farmers to get the new booklet that is available on eligibility to ensure that they are treated fairly in the event of an over zealous inspection.