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Extra Resources Needed For Loughglynn Base

I have been informed by ambulance staff in Roscommon that they are not happy with the arrangements that have been put in place for the operation of the new ambulance base in Loughglynn, hence the statement from the HSE that the base did not open as planned on Monday 15th June. Extra resources and an extra vehicle must be provided for this vital service to operate successfully. Moving an ambulance from Roscommon town to Loughglynn, if it is available, is not realistic and the staff have pointed that out to the HSE. The service that could be provided from Loughglynn is absolutely vital to the West Roscommon area, and what is the price of one life saved if the proper service is put in place. I am calling on the Mininster and the HSE to review this matter immediately and provide the resources, staff and an extra vehicle so the ambulance service from Loughglynn can operate to the satisfaction of the public and staff concerned.