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Extra EU Funding Needed For Flood Damaged Roads

By January 7, 2016No Comments

With people enduring worsening flooding in many parts of the country, the Taoiseach Enda Kenny and the relevant Ministers Alan Kelly and Simon Harris should go to Brussels immediately and secure special EU funding to repair damaged infrastructure especially roads.
I have traveled extensively throughout the region over the past two weeks and apart from the devastation being suffered by people whose homes businesses and lands have been flooded there is huge damage being caused to hundreds of rural roads and until the waters recede we will not know just how much damage has been done in many cases. Many of these roads are now in a dangerous state and will have to be repaired immediately. The Taoiseach should send the relevant Ministesr to Brussels today to seek emergency funding to complete this work. It is only when the immediate threat of the flood waters passes that we will know the full extent of the bill that will face local authorities in this regard. I am calling on the Government to act today because we are in a very serious situation that has to be addressed immediately