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Dredging The Only Solution To Shannon Water Levels

By November 7, 2016No Comments

It is incredible that Inland Waterways are advising caution with regard to navigation on the Shannon because of low water levels. Only on Sunday  (November 6th) I was in the Roosky area looking at a section of lowland areas on which there is still flood waters. Whether boats can travel or not it is imperative that in winter time that the levels of the Shannon are lowered to avoid flooding. Once again I am making it very clear that if boats get stuck in any part of the Shannon in the navigation areas it is down to the usual pinch points that always cause trouble and the lack of dredging and the same situation applies to the River Suck. Until we take our heads out of the sand and make a decision to address this situation once and for all and carry out this work we will have constant and ongoing problems on the River Shannon.