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Deposit Increase For Rental Property Not On

Any suggestion that the Civil Debt Procedures Bill currently being discussed by the cabinet might lead to landlords demanding a three month deposit for property rental is very worrying for many people at a time when rents are rising and there is a shortage of housing. It is very difficult for many people, especially young people, to get on the property ladder and now if landlords are asking for a three month deposit because of the threat of unpaid water bills it will lead to further financial hardship. It would appear that this measure is the Government trying to prop up Irish Water after they made such a mess of setting it up. The last thing we need is for vulnerable people who are trying to rent property to be penalised. Tenants should have separate accounts with Irish Water as they do with the likes of the ESB and Bord Gais and other utilities and pay on that basis to prevent an increase in deposits for rental property.