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Delays In Processing Medical Card Applications Unacceptable

It has come to my attention in recent weeks that the delays in processing Medical Card applications are getting longer and those delays are now unacceptable. It is leading to extreme frustration among people who do not know where they stand.

I have no problem with the staff that we are dealing with but the delays and bureaucratic hold ups are leading to long delays in medical card applications. Frequently applicants are being told that documentation that has been sent in has not been received and we are now reaching a situation that everything will have to be sent by e-mail or by registered post. Applicants are being left in limbo and in many cases are in need of immediate medical treatment. I am calling on the HSE to put the necessary measures in place that applications are dealt with promptly and efficiently. If that means taking on more staff and an improvement in systems then that’s what needs to be done.

In addition, medical costs incurred where a medical card application is granted should be covered under the terms and conditions of the card . These matters are causing people a lot of unnecessary anxiety and worry among vulnerable people and should be addressed immediately by the HSE.