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Delay In Broadband Plan Unacceptable

It is extremely disappointing to learn this week that the Rural Broadband scheme will not be in place until 2021 or 2022. There is not much point in in trying to promote rural Ireland if something as basic as a decent broadband service is not in place.
When I attended the recent talks on Government formation we were told that the Rural Broadband contract would be ready by May or June 2017. We have now a local Minister and he should be able to ensure that this contract is started and completed as soon as possible. The Government and the Ministers responsible will have to stand up to the plate on this issue and deliver this service . We in rural areas cannot afford to be waiting five or six years for it to become a reality All this week on the Irish Independent we have seen cases of business people and farmers all over rural Ireland who are struggling to do their work because of the lack of a proper broadband service. How can any business be attracted to a rural part of Ireland when there is no proper broadband service? Minister Humphries admits today that 750,000 people are living in broadband black spots which is a shocking figure. The Government will have to make this issue one of their top priorities and we have to find a way of fast tracking the roll out of a proper broadband service to all areas. The revival of rural Ireland cannot take place until that is achieved.