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De- Designation of 46 NHA’s Welcomed

I welcome the de-designation of the 46 NHA’s .announced recently It was announced three years ago, but the Government never brought the legislation forward. As part of the negotiations for the formation of a Government while I was there, it was agreed that the Government would bring forward legislation on this matter within it’s first 100 day. I acknowledge that they are doing tha,t and I welcome it too, but this is only one part of a three part process to solving the whole scenario of the bogs. There are some other bogs such as Carricknaughton near Athlone, Moorefield near Trien, and other bogs like Bracklagh where solutions have to be found for. Part of the agreement made on the formation of the Government was that there was to be a review of those bogs that were to be closed. That review needs to start over the coming months and ensure that no one is left without turf next year.
The third phase of this is the reason why I didn’t go into Government over planning exemptions, but from what I am hearing they are making progress. But then again I am hearing that for a while, and actions will speak louder than words. I am awaiting the Department of the Enviorment and Minister Coveney to come forward with a draft proposal to see if we can get this problem sorted once and for all.