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Daft EU Legislation Affecting Ordinary People

By November 27, 2015No Comments

Speaking at the Transport Committee in The Dail I raised a number of matters including what I would consider the need to be more imaginative when it comes to the test for people drawing trailers. There are people who might not be as well educated as others doing this test, and there should be a test to suit people of different competency levels in terms of education. There is a raft of new legislation coming in from Europe to cover this area in the new year, some of which is completely unnecessary. One such regulation would require that a tacograph be used in a tractor that travels more than 30 miles. My own house is 34 miles from Tuam Mart. If I am bringing cattle there does that mean I have to put a tacograph in my tractor? It’s pure daft, and another example of stupidity on the part of our so called EU masters.

I would also ask the legislators to look into the plight of people who are on the road all the time like sales reps and others. Their chances of being pulled for speeding at just kilometer or two over the limit are very high and for these minor offences I would be proposing that a monetary fine be imposed and that only after a couple of offences would such a person incur penalty points. We have to be fair to people and the powers that be should consider this course of action in my view.