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Creative Thinking Needed On Housing Crisis

The revelation today that there are 250,000 vacant houses around the country will have to be looked into, but there are a lot of those houses that may not be suitable for use by those on the housing list.
I read with interest today the report that there are 250,000 vacant homes around the country. First of all there are over 100,000 of those houses mentioned which are holiday homes some of which are located in remote parts of the country. However there are many vacant houses in towns and cities all over the country which would include houses that have been re-possessed which are vacant for over a year, and we have to make these houses available as part of the solution to the housing crisis. I have heard speculation today that tax incentives may become available to refurbish these houses and that would be welcome, however the one thing we have to guard against is that we do not want to cause another housing bubble like we had in the recent past.