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Corporation Tax Rate Must Remain at 12 and a half percent

By October 15, 2015No Comments

In the Dail on Wednesday during a debate on Corporation Tax rates I urged the Government to ensure that the current rate of 12 and a half per cent should be maintained and that it should withstand any bullying or pressure from the EU to change those rates. I am aware that there are legitimate claims that some of the huge multi-nationals are not paying anywhere near the twelve and a half per cent as it is, and we have to take steps to ensure that everyone plays their fair share of tax in this country. However multi-nationals are a fact of life here and they employ a lot of people. I also stressed the need to support Irish companies especially in the first few years after they set up which can be tough. Irish companies that provide small number of jobs must be protected and encouraged as well as the multi-nationals. We have all seen the devastation that can be visited on an area if things go wrong for a multi-national in terms of jobs lost etc, so we must be mindful of that as well and strike the right balance between the multi-nationals and our own Irish companies.