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‘Compo Cutlure’ A Factor In Rising Premiums

Ireland is now in the midst of a claim culture which is adding to insurance costs in a number of areas and it will have to be tackled if insurance premiums are to rise beyond what most people can afford.
The cost of claims here in this country is far higher than any other country in Europe and widespread claims for every reason are part and parcel of everyday life now. I am aware of a claim being put in by a public sector worker who was given a work jacket that was too small for them and they are now making a claim because they say that they pulled a muscle trying the jacket on. It is this kind of thing that is clogging up the courts and causing huge rises in premiums. Today we hear that the cost of car insurance has risen by 34% over the past 12 months. Soon young people particularly those in rural areas where there is no public transport will simply not be able to afford to pay. We have a huge problem with insurance now here in this country and the new Government will have to consider publishing legislation that would seek to limit the amount of claims being awarded by the courts. The situation cannot be allowed to continue to spiral out of control as is happening at the moment.