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Cloonfad Water Situation Not Good Enough

A situation arose over the weekend in the general Cloonfad area wherby the water supply was turned off on Thursday and Friday without any notification to the public. Then when the supply was restored on Saturday the water that came out of the taps was simply disgusting and was full of silt. I have photographic evidence to show what I am talking about. Anyone in that area who was sick, their condition would have deteriorated for certain if they had drank any of the water that I saw when I called to the area on Saturday. It is simply not good enough for Irish Water to cut people’s supply without informing them and then for this type of disgusting water to come out of their taps after the disruption in supply. It is a totally unacceptable situation and whoever was responsible for this turn of events should be called to account. I have been in the area again this morning and people are very annoyed at what happened over the weekend.