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Change Needed In The Way We Conduct Politics

By October 15, 2015No Comments

Over the past number of weeks taking leaders questions in the Dail, it is very apparent to me that there has to be a change on how we conduct politics in this country. I have raised a number of important issues with the Taoiseach, the Tainiste and a number of senior ministers in recent weeks but it is almost impossible to get a straight answer to any question that is asked. All we get are answers written by civil servants that are usually waffle, and hardly ever address the subject directly. What I would like to see is that we have more and more people entering politics who will not accept this situation anymore. It is the only way that this situation can be changed. We have got to make the Dail more relevant and more accountable. Is it any wonder why people are so cynical about politics when they look at what goes on in Leinster House every week of the year.