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Car Insurance Rises Must Be Justified By Companies

By February 26, 2016No Comments

The incoming Government will have to address the huge increases that we have seen in the cost of car insurance, and the insurance companies will have to account for the reasons for these huge rises in the cost of premiums which are up to 50% over the past two years in some cases. The Government tell us that we all have extra money in our pockets since the start of this year as a result of the Budget, but any increase is being offset by the massive rise in the cost of car insurance and to a lesser extent the cost of house and health insurance too
The new Government need to call in the insurance companies to see what can be done. If the cost of claims is too high then that is a matter that will have to be dealt with too, At the end of the day the facts are that people are now paying massively increased premiums, and these huge rises have happened in just a couple of years. It is something that cannot continue as many people and particularly young people will simply not be able to afford to pay car insurance. There are also a danger that many more people will drive cars without insurance on our roads if the cost of premiums continues to rise as they have done this year and last year.