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Brexit- EU Doomed If It Doesn’t Reform

The British people have delivered a very blunt message to those who run the EU. If there are no reforms on the way they do their business then the break up of the EU will happen in the coming years.
Despite an intense campaign during which Finance Ministers from the EU, including our own Taoiseach and Ministers, threatened the British people with all sorts of doom and gloom and extra taxes and financial burdens if they voted to leave, they still went ahead and chose their own democratic system instead of that which exists in the EU. The result of the vote is a very stark message to the people who run the EU that unless there are massive reforms in the way they conduct their business then the break up of the EU is on the cards with Denmark and Austria and other countries likely to hold similar referendums in the near future.
Despite the warnings of the remain side, the world is not going to end as a result of this decision. There will be a two year cooling off period and then further negotiations could take anything up to two years more as the UK gets ready to leave. What was patently obvious in the UK, and it is a similar situation here, is that there is a huge disconnect between the ordinary people and those who run the EU, and the politicians have not fully understood the mood of the people.. The EEC as it was originally, was a great idea, but the EU has strayed far beyond that idea with mountains of rules and regulations that do not suit everyone. A ‘one size fits’ all approach simply does not work and unless the people at the top in the EU totally review and reform the way it does it’s business, it will be doomed.
The scaremongering with regard to the possible consequences of a leave vote did not work, and while there is volatility in the markets at the moment, that will settle down in time and bi-lateral trade and travel agreements can be put in place easily. Huge economies like Germany and France are not going to stop trading with the UK just because they have opted to leave the EU. This momentus decision by the British people is a huge wake up call to those who run the EU. They would do well to heed it and act on it too.