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Bord Na Mona Drivers Should Be Accommodated

With regard to the planned industrial relations problems among drivers in Bord na Mona, the vast majority of these workers have been employed for many years by the company and don’t deserve the treatment that they are getting. I would ask the question is it not worthwhile to keep these drivers employed and let them retire and that will reduce the numbers naturally? A lot of these drivers are in their 50’s and early 60’s and these people have jobs in local areas where there is not much employment. Maybe the top brass in Bord na Mona might look at their own salaries and if they cut a small bit off their generous pay packets it would more than pay for the savings they are talking about here. These drivers are mostly from rural areas in Roscommon and East Galway who work long hours and who have given the company great service over the years and it is wrong that they are being treated this way way.