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Big Increases In Bin Charges Not On

Any increase in recycling and a reduction in the amount of waste going to landfill is desireable but we must guard against large increases in bin collection charges coming in that would create more problems than they would solve.
In larger urban areas around the country there is lots of competition that will keep a lid on increases in charges but in many areas of rural Ireland and in the Roscommon- Galway area there are few choices for the public and in some cases there is no choice at all. What we do not want to see happening is a free-for-all with waste operators increasing charges at an unsustainable rate. Despite what we have been told it is inevitable that charges will increase and we have to ensure that people are not ripped off.
If bin collection charges go up then the problem of fly tipping and illegal dumping will increase as more people will either refuse to pay the bin charges or will not be able to afford to pay them. We must also ensure that good behaviour is rewarded. If people recycle more and have less waste for landfill that should be recognised in their bills. People will recycle more and more as long as the charges for bin collection are reasonable an education is key in this regard. I am not a fan of rules and regulations but we may have to introduce legislation for a couple of years to control changes in this area.