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Any Downgrading Of Portiuncla A and E Unit Will Not Be Tolerated

Any threat to down grade services at the A and E unit at Portiuncla Hospital in Ballinasloe will not be tolerated and local Ministers should be prepared to resign from Government if that ever became a reality.
It was agreed at the talks on the programme for Government that there would be no threat to the A and E services at Portiuncla and I expect that the Government will stick to that agreement. The HSE may be carrying out audits and reports on various services without the knowledge of the Minsiter but it is now time that Minister Harris called the HSE to order on this issue once and for all and that he issue a statement re-iterating the Government stance on this matter.
Ministers Naughten, Canny and Moran should be prepared to resign from Government if a 100% guarantee on the future of services at the A and E at Portiuncla is not forthcoming from Minister Harris. I would also ask the question, are Fianna Fail going to support a Government that would stand over any downgrading of Portiuncla and the other eight hospitals mentioned in this latest HSE report? I have been in contact with Minister Harris on this and I am calling on him to make a definitive statement on this issue immediately.