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ANC’s Review Must Be Carried Out Here

By August 18, 2016No Comments

It is alarming to read this week that the EU are seeking a review of ANC’s. One thing that should be made clear is that the payments for ANC’s are made out of the Irish exchequer and it should be the Irish Government that should decide what happens. Let it also be known that no land should be taken out of this in the West of Ireland when we see the incomes of farmers in that region this week.There are parts of the country that are well able to survive, but the area from Donegal right down to Kerry over to the The Shannon and some parts of West Cork, some of Cavan and Monaghan and Longford should not be affected as the land quality there would not be great. We need to ensure that these farmers are protected. Whatever the EU say, this is our money that is going into this scheme and we should decide where it goes.