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A Few People Threaten Hundreds Of Jobs At Bord Na Mona

By October 30, 2015No Comments

With regard to the court decision earlier this week and the possible threat to jobs at Bord na Mona, I feel that it is a very sad day for the Irish people and an embarrassing day for politicians when jobs are put at risk because a few people in the name of environmentalism can hold a whole industry to ransom. The day has come when politicians have to put their heads above the parapet and take Europe on with regard to this and other such issues to get them to change some of their daft rules and regulations. People need to know before they go to the polls in the general election if their jobs are safe.It is sad to see on the national media this week, prominent politicians and others like Eamon Ryan react with glee at the prospect of mass job losses in the peat industry. Hopefully Bord na Mona will lodge another licence application and that it will pass, but we have to stand up and be counted on this issue once and for all.