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A & E Problems Not Being Addressed

By August 25, 2015No Comments

Once again over 30 people have been on trolleys at University Hospital in Galway this week which is one of the highest numbers in the country and August is a month which is traditionally quiet in terms of hospital admissions. The numbers this week beg the question how bad will things get when the weather is bad and the usual winter based demand for treatment soars? This problem is ongoing for many years and while there have been several initiatives to try and solve the problem it seems that it is getting worse as time goes on. Minister Varadkar should get all the stakeholders here around the table and come up with a solution to this problem once and for all. The alternative is more misery for the public in the coming months and years. This is a matter that I have been pursuing on a constant basis and I will be raising it again at the first available opportunity. We cannot keep treating vulnerable people who are ill in this fashion.