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280 Million Euro EU Bill A Farce

The news that Ireland will have to pay an extra 250 million Euro into the EU Budget on the back of last weeks’ “Leprachaun Economics” figures of a growth rate of 26% is a joke, and if if we have to pay, it is time to take a serious look at the whole European project.
We were told last week that our economy grew 26% last year which everyone accepts is a completely false figure yet the EU have deemed that as a result of that figure Ireland will have to pay over 250 million Euro per year extra into the EU budget. If it wasn’t so serious it would be a joke. Here we are, a country with a debt of 204 billion Euro, that has serious defecits in it’s infrastructure, a country whose health service is crumbling, a country who has a chronic housing emergency, a country who cannot fund it’s third level sector and a country where many of it’s citizens have no broadband service, yet our EU masters are looking for us to pay 250 million Euro extra on the back of false economic growth figures. It is time that we took a serious look at the whole European project as it stands at the moment because this is a disgrace.
I am calling on Minister Noonan today to tell his counterparts in the EU that Ireland will not be paying this extra money. It’s based on a totally false growth figure. It’s time that we stood up to those that run the EU and tell them to stop their bully boy tactics. They cannot be allowed to get away with this.