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Minister Creed ‘Asleep At The Wheel’ On Glas Chaos And Other Issues

Once again I am highlightbing the chaos that exists in the payments to farmers under the Glas scheme and I am calling on the Government now to put in place a system whereby farmers will get paid up front and the money can be claimed back when the payments come through.

I have highlighted this issue so many times in the past and I am calling on Minister Michael Creed to cut to the chase once and for all and address this important issue immediately with over 8,000 farmers awaiting payment under the Glas scheme which is a scandal. I am calling on the Government to impliment a scheme that worked in France wherby a loan payment would be made by the Government to farmers who are owed monies under the Glas scheme and this money can be recouped when the payment goes through. It worked perfectly in France and there is no reason why it cannot work here.

I am very disappointed with Miinister Creed on this and indeed many other matters and he does not seem to be at the steering wheel on many issues of concern to farmers. I am also calling on rural Government TD’s and those in Fianna Fail, and especially those in the West of Ireland to put the boot in on this issue. I am calling on them today to back my proposal for this loan scheme to be introduced as a matter of urgency so that farmers can be paid the money that they are due and I will be raising this matter in the Dail this week.