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1500 Gardai Could Be Released From Desk Duties

By December 11, 2015No Comments

The Garda Inspectorate report which says that up to 1500 Gardai could be freed from desk jobs to go out on the beat is a vindication of the stance he has been taking on the question of Garda resources over the past year. This report should be acted upon by Minister Fitzgerald and the government immediately. It would have several benefits. Gardai who are now sitting at desks doing paperwork could be out in the community all over the country while members of the public could be given those administration jobs that the Gardai were doing. It would also facilitate the creation of local Gardai all round the country who would liase with the local community and have their ear to the ground and know what was going on locally. This would be a huge help in the fight against rural crime and people would feel more secure as a result. I have proposed the creation of the posts of local Gardai around the country as opposed to Community Gardai, The number of members freed as identified in The Garda Inspectorate report would solve that problem. The Minister must act on this report without delay.